Monday, November 21, 2011

Author Deanna Jewel on Book Tour Radio

Our good friend Deanna Jewel – Author of  Never Surrender and No Turning Back is featured on Book Tour Radio today. 

Visit with Deanna as she talks about her books, her future works and reads an excerpt from Never Surrender.

Just click the 'Play Arrow" under her book covers. Enjoy!

Coming in 2012

Monday, November 14, 2011

Grand Opening - need promo for Goodie Bags Authors!

We're going to create goodie bags for contests in December for our Grand Opening on Deanna Jewel and my new site An Avid Reader's Haven. We'd like to gather pens, bookmarks, business cards, postcards, mousepads and any other promotional tools from you all to place in the bags. If you would like to send please email me and I'll give you Deanna's mailing address. We'll announce the Grand Opening date soon. Please be sure to sign the bookmarks, business cards and postcards before sending. 
louisejames157 at yahoo dot com

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marci Perez - Homicide Detective in Sacred Murder

      When I started writing Sacred Murder, I had a vision of Marci in my head. She is half Cuban/Creole with strong family ties. Marci's dad is deceased. Her mom Caroline is the person Marci draws her strength from. Caroline, like any mother, is very protective of her daughter.

      Marci is very career oriented. She is somewhat of a loner and lives in her quaint little house alone. She steers away from drama so a roommate is out of the question. Caroline constantly nags (lovingly of course) Marci to find a good man and settle down.

      Marci guides the story I'm weaving for Sacred Murder. When a character this strong enters an author head, well we just have to listen.

Salli Richardson from Eureka is my inspiration for Marci. She's sexy and smart.

As an author comment and let us know which of your strong characters took over and weaved your story.