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Author Interview - David Knight VBT Jan 23

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David Knight is visiting all the way from England today! His latest release, an inspirational/spiritual book, I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart, will be launched on Amazon Feb 2. Before the Q&A, here's a bit about David, how he reached his spiritual fulfillment and wrote this book.

David Knight was born into his current physical embodiment in 1964. He is married to Caroline and they live with their adopted cats Toby, Treacle, Spiky and Missy in the UK. In growing up, he describes himself as a Mr. Average or like a 'Joe Bloggs'. Whilst earning a living in various types of work, (this ranged from HM Forces, Financial Services, a Care Assistant and also self-employment) his search for fulfillment changed from the exterior and without to the interior and within.

Spiritual education gained a greater momentum and at the age of 21 a more urgent sense of dedication as well as a new realization had set in. New evidence of and from God, were soon revealed through his life experiences. With the aid of Spirit guides and beings from the ethereal planes, the foundations were laid for all who wished to develop and experience their Hearts flame of love and light, and to embark upon a unique opportunity for all soul's in this lifetime.

Louise: Welcome David, thanks for visiting with me today! Please tell the readers what is your book about?

David: My latest book I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart is a stepping stone for all who embark upon their own quest for ‘Spiritual’ guidance and education. So, even if you are comfortable with your own faith and religion, it can actually help you to explore new interpretations and issues of such on a personal or global scale.

I have received and transcribed passages of text in a process known as ‘Inner Dictation’. The best way I feel I can describe this to you is writing from within the connection of my heart where peace, bliss, love and light reign supreme.

Louise: How long have you been writing?

David: It wasn’t really until I sat in some ‘spiritual’ development ‘circles and began meditating in the 1990’s that I started to write poetry. Then, with the aid of my Spirit guides and beings of the ethereal planes my writing became much more focused and structured. Hence, in 1998 I completed and self published Pathway, and then re-released it as Pathway 2nd Edition - pbook and ebook in 2011.  This ‘channelled’ work laid the foundation for anyone who wished to experience and develop their own heart’s flame of love and light.
Almost immediately, the sequel with and from Divine guidance followed, but due to numerous ‘life’ challenges the manuscript sat in a cupboard draw for almost 10 years. I went through many job changes, my wife and I renovated an old cottage for 5 years which was then destroyed by a devastating fire, and later the deaths of my father and best friend removed my focus from writing. With such events, Deliverance of Love, Light and Truth wasn’t shared until 2008.
I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart is obviously being launched now as an e-book and pbook with the support of Assisting Authors Online.

Louise: What’s one thing you want a reader to know about you?

David: An interesting and actually quite a difficult question…LOL!  I guess it’s only through, from and to ‘love’ that I am genuinely trying to convey the truth inside my own heart, its purpose being to help re-ignite and keep alight each and every soul’s flame to reach their own goal of Self –Realization. It isn’t about money, ego or any other transient aspect of living within this impermanent world in which we currently reside. So very often in life we receive what we need and not what we think we want or desire.

Louise: How can a reader connect with you?

David: It’s always great to connect to new hearts and minds and continue to share spiritual guidance and education, whether that’s to the young or old…and anyone who has an open heart!

I participate / engage with many spiritual websites under the pseudonym of AscensionForYou, but you can connect with me on my website /blog, TwitterLinked-In, on Facebook or the new AscensionForYou- Spiritual Guidance and Education FacebookFan Page

Louise: Why did you go ‘Indie’?

David: There used to be so much stigma for self–publishing and going ‘Indie’ but with today’s technology of the internet and e-readers, tablets etc it is probably the fastest and most effective way to promote and deliver your message / book.  Let’s face it, even if you are pretty well known as an author and get published by one the so called big 6 publishing companies you are still expected to utilize all the social networking / marketing avenues to promote it yourself.  So many famous authors like J A Konrath have embraced this format with great success. You are also in total control of your own ‘product’ too.

Louise: Where can someone find your book? 

David: You can obtain the pbook via Createspace and on Amazon
ebook on Kindle  as well as all the usual /other e-book formats via  Smashwords

Many thanks Louise for your time and support, it is very much appreciated. God Bless to all. Dave

Louise: David, thank you again for stopping by.

Readers, David is featuring a contests from his site. Below the Blurb is the details.

I am I: The In-Dweller of Your Heart
52 Inner Dictations

I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart is a stepping stone for all who embark upon their own quest for 'Spiritual' education and guidance. So, even if you are comfortable with your own faith and religion, you may have decided to explore new interpretations and such issues on a personal or global scale.

The author David Knight has received and transcribed these passages of text in a process known as 'Inner Dictation'. He describes this as writing from within the connection of his heart where peace, bliss, love and light reign supreme.

God's wisdom and teachings are laid out before you so you can simply choose and read whenever or whatever your heart needs or desires. They are guidelines, principles and simple directions for you to now dip your toes or dive headfirst into the waters of you're own Divine essence.

These books will form the very threads of life's new tapestry, each being spun into 52 lessons from, to and through our own hearts and soul's. They are like a father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, partner or personal friend who knows you better than you can ever know 'yourself'.

Part 1 is a companion for life which does not judge, condemn or scold, but hopes to encourage, guide, console, teach and remind you of who and what you are, why you live and for what purpose too!

David's book is being launched on 2/2/12 on Amazon.  There is an exciting contest that is in effect from now until the Launch.

There are great prizes that are involved:
$100 gift certificate for Amazon toward a Kindle
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  1. David, thank you again for visiting with me. I hope the readers will visit your sites as well.

  2. I just love learning more about you David. You always make me smile and feel at peace :). Thank you for hosting Louise :).


  3. Feeling very humbled right now by everyone's kind words and support. 'Spirit' once said to me, that I should never worry about how many books are purchased...even if only one person finds the words helpful and beneficial,(resonating in their heart) then truly 'love and light' has fulfilled its purpose this way. To connect with such lovely people/ souls is such a reward in itself. God Bless, thanks again.