Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stephen King - Closing Ceremony at the Savannah Book Festival Feb 19

I was there along with my better half! It was so exciting to see Stephen King in person. We didn't get to touch him or speak with him but just being in the same room with him was Priceless!

Mr. King promoted his new release 11/22/63 and signed 400 books for fans.

Click the image to purchase 11/22/63

I have read many of his books. My favorite is the series The Dark Tower. Mr. King announced a sequel is being released in April - The Wind Through The Keyhole. Squeeee!

We also learned Riding the Bullet released 2000, published by Simon & Schuster, was the world's first mass-market electronic book and jammed SoftLock's server that day!

Here's some photos we took of Stephen King at the SCAD (Savannah College of Arts & Design) Trustee Theater. 

The idea for 11/22/63 came about 1971, but he thought it was too close to JFK's death to write, so he stashed it. His first novel to be published was Carrie in 1974. You can read about Carrie on Wikipedia.

Carrie is dedicated to his wife Tabitha King - Tabby as he fondly calls her and referenced several times during his speech on Feb 19. They have been married 40 years and have three grown children. Tabitha is also an author. I read her book Small World - very good read!

Stephen also announced a sequel to The Shining, his third published novel. He stated many fans wanted to know what happened to the little boy, Danny Torrance . Stephen laughed and said, "So did he."  The sequel Dr. Sleep will continue when Danny has turned 8 years old, three years after the fire at the Overlook Hotel.

Stephen King is a very down to earth person. He even said the F word a few times. Cracked me up! He talked about how he started writing and touched on a few of his books. After his speech, he answered questions from the audience and then signed books.

Here's a few sites with a video of his speech and more photos:

WTOC Channel 11 Savannah, GA http://www.wtoc.com/story/16971332/stephen-king-speaks-at-closing-of-savannah-book-festival

South Magazine http://ww2.thesouthmag.com/media/scenes-of-the-south/2012/savannah-book-festival-stephen-king/

Spotted Savannah Now http://spotted.savannahnow.com/galleries/index.php?id=392258 

We sat in the 15th row from the stage and during the signing walked boldly up to the stage to take the pictures.  No way were we leaving with out photos!

Stephen King's Official  Web site
Author page on Simon & Schuster 

There a several fan sites to join; just Google.

Thank you Savannah Book Fest for bringing this awesome author to your event! 


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