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A Lighthouse, Hauntings and Lost Love, Whispers at Ghost Point by Deanna Jewel Mar 23 - 25

From March 23 through March 25, I'm very excited to have Deanna Jewel, my good friend, mentor and fellow author, visit my blog. Deanna will share a snippet of Whispers at Ghost Point due to be released late summer 2012. I'm very anxious to read it!

Louise, thank you so much for having me here and I hope your readers are interested in a mysterious ghost story with ties from hundreds of years in the past. I’ve had a love for lighthouses and storytelling since I was a child.

Whispers at Ghost Point

The mystery of what could lurk high up in the tower is an endless list of things…but ghosts stand in the forefront. I’ve connected the ghost to both of my characters although mainly to the heroine. He’s loved her for a ‘long time’ and their time together in the past didn’t go as he’d have liked it to so he’s being a jerk and taking what he wants now!

Dana is an interior designer/decorator with a contractor’s license and is looking to make a name for herself professionally when she moves to Wilmington. She knows of an abandoned lighthouse on the coast of Wilmington in North Carolina that she’s dying to get her hands on. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t say ‘dying’ here but…moving on…

The lighthouse is owned by a wealthy businessman who wants to remain nameless because he has no interest in ever going back into the place, but he doesn’t want it to fall into the hands of anyone else. When he was a child, he sneaked inside and encountered a being that scared the hell out of him then and still does when he thinks back on it…something he can’t help. He inherited the lighthouse from his grandfather and has no future plans for it.

At least he didn’t think he did.

His attorney is also his best friend and they spend time on the ocean off the coast of Wilmington/South Port on his yacht as they contemplate what to do next in their lives while they enjoy a few beers as they fish. When his friend meets an interior designer, he thinks the two of them should meet but Mitch makes it clear that he isn’t looking for a relationship; his business and women just don’t mix. He travels too much and when he is home, he works too much, which is the reason he’s divorced now.

Readers, thank you for stopping in today. I hope you’re interested in Whispers at Ghost Point and will follow my progress as I strive to get this finished for you. The characters in Whispers are from my historical, No Turning Back, set in England 1778 - I couldn't let them go so have reincarnated their souls to the present! As a thank you, I’m offering the contest below.

CONTEST:  Two lucky commenters will receive an e-book copy of NO TURNING BACK in the format of their choice. Please comment or ask a question and include your email addy so I can easily reach you. Comments are open until March 30. Drawing will be March 31. Good Luck!

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Deanna Jewel lives in the Pacific Northwest and has been writing since 1991.  She has completed one time travel and one historical novel and has several others in the works. A trip to Dubois, Wyoming, south of Yellowstone, inspired her time-travel novel. The landscape and town locations described in NEVER SURRENDER are real.  Jon Daley, a professor at Boise State University, translated the Shoshone language that you will find in the book.
 NEVER SURRENDER, her time travel romance, was released in 2008 in print, e-book and iBook for download to e-Readers and i-Pads. This novel won an Honorable Mention in the 2008 Quill Awards at  Her second novel, an historical taking place in England, 1778, was released in April 2010, titled NO TURNING BACK, and is also in print, eBook and iBook for download to your electronic readers.
Hard at work on her next novel, Whispers at Ghost Point, which she hopes to have available in mid 2012. Whispers takes place at an abandoned lighthouse in Wilmington, NC and her main characters from No Turning Back are reincarnated into the present. Join Dana as she learns about her past while working toward her future. The dangers that lurk at an abandoned lighthouse pull her into a past she was unaware of but also involves a man she's never this lifetime! Follow the books progress on her website.
She is married to a retired captain of the fire department. He’s also owned his own businesses for 23 years. They have two Siamese cats: Zoie and Sinbad, who keep them entertained. Deanna has enjoyed reading historical romance novels for over thirty years, camping with her family, and traveling.
    Her writing goal is to draw the reader into the story to experience what the characters feel, to show both the hero's and heroine's points of view, and to take the reader away from their every day stress to a place not yet visited.

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  1. Hi Deanna, welcome to my blog! Having read No Turning Back, I can't wait to read Whispers. I love a spooky story!

  2. Hi everyone! Wow, Louise, you've made a lot of great changes to the place! I love it and thank you for having me here this weekend.

    Readers, I hope you've bookmarked Louise's blog because you're going to want to stay in touch with her to see when Sacred Murder releases! This story is great so far! *wink*

    I hope I've piqued your interest in Whispers so that you'll want to learn more about the characters and perhaps their past...which started in No Turning Back! Enjoy the book trailer that Louise has so graciously posted for me. I hope you get into the drawing for a few copies of the ebook! Be sure to leave me your email addy in the comment so I can reach you. Drawing will be March 31st. For more chances to win gift cards, be sure to follow MY blog and subscribe to my newsletter - I pick two monthly winners, one from each! Thanks again for stopping in!

  3. Hello to you Deanna and to you Louise. Great job and yes the place looks great. I am very intrigued by ghosts but at the same time I am frightened by them do to all those ghost shows on television nowadays lol. Hope to read your wok sometime soon.

  4. Hi Trina, thanks for stopping by. You'll love No Turning back and also Deanna's other book Never Surrender; both a must read! Good luck in the drawing - but looks like you may be getting one of the copies. LOL Need more commenters!

  5. Congratulations to Trina, she is the winner of the ebook No Turning Back! Trina, thank you for stopping in and also to all the readers who stopped by to read about Whispers!