Monday, March 19, 2012

Sacred Murder Will Release May 2012

I've been busy writing Sacred Murder and wanted to give an update on my progress. I had hoped to release SM by Feb 2012 but with the research involved and wanting my first book to be polished and a great read, the release date is being extended.

In the meantime enjoy an excerpt of the first chapter on my web site.

Check here often, I'll announce the publish date and will be featuring an eBook giveaway.

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Working for the Orleans Parrish, Police Narcotic Marci Perez and her partner, Bill Gammon, keep drug dealers off the street. It’s a hard job, but Marci loves her profession and is up for promotion to Detective.

However, the murder of three women connected to an escort service will have the homicide department recruiting Marci to work undercover. This fresh start in her career opens her eyes to a whole new world of murder and underground crime.

Sacred Murder is darkened with evil voodoo and a twisted killer. Will Marci Perez be the only one who can stop the maniac?

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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